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Water Solutions for Cauvery
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Water Solutions for Cauvery

Climate change adaptation solutions and decision support systems for the Cauvery Delta Basin made a positive impact in for a large poplulation dependent on the waters of the Cauvery River.  The project helped Improve the water flow in 6 channels, provide decision support systems to address water scarcity and address inadequate water distribution. 

The Assignment

The River Cauvery is an important source of water for irrigation and water needs for the people in the region. Improving the water flow in 6 channels and provide decision support systems to address water scarcity and inadequate water distribution was the challenge.

The scope in Phase I covers 6 channels of Vennar Sub basin of Cauvery Delta and the project is under implementation.  The Project phase II was to address the issue of water distribution, assess flood risks, suggest alternative solutions, conduct feasibility studies to improve the overall water management and provide flood risk mitigation interventions in balance 37 channels of Vennar and Cauvery sub basin of Cauvery Delta.

The Solution

Several feasible solutions with climate change adaptations were provided.  The solution included creation of a database and hydraulic models for technically supported decisions. Feasibility studies included collection and processing of topographic, climatic, hydrologic, hydraulic, groundwater, socio-economic, agricultural, environment-related data.

The solution required both structural and non-structural interventions. Antea Group developed surface water and groundwater models suggesting feasible design solutions to improve water allocation for irrigation and manage flood risks and supports the implementation of decision support system.


37 channels received hydraulic models & flood risk maps

Climate change adaptation & modernisation studies

Modelling & Data, Decision support systems for flood mitigation & irrigation


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