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Operation & Maintenance of NH4 for Maharastra Karnataka border
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O&M of NH4 for Maharashtra Karnataka border

77 km of the Belgaum-Maharashtra border, part of the Golden Quadrilateral connecting Mumbai to Chennai, widenend from two lane to four lane expressway and rehabilitated on annuity basis.

The Assignment

Project scope was consulting services as Independent Engineer during Operation & Maintenance and fee collection of 4 lane divided carriageway facility of Belgaum – Maharashtra Border in the State of Karnataka on annuity basi

The Solution


The scope of work is involved to provide consultancy for review of design, construction supervision and quality control. This service requires reviewing of entire investigations, adequacy of designs, drawings, cost estimates, contracts, quality assurance & control provisions and safety audit. Works involves mediate in disputes between the Client and the Contractor /Concessionaire, assist the Client in providing Management Information System and handing over the site.  Project works involves monitoring the progress of work, cost variations and its impact on Contract / Concession Agreement, make measurement and value certifications periodically and issue completion certificate.

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