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Expressway linking N.E states of Assam & Meghalaya
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Expressway linking the states of Assam & Meghalaya

Linking the remote hills of Meghalaya to the town of Jorabat in Assam – A project of national importance paving the way for economic development in the hilly NE India.

The Assignment

Antea Group was appointed as Independent Engineer for Design and Construction Supervision for a 4-lane expressway linking the NE states of Assam and Meghalaya under a DBFOT model. Part of a consortium of partners for the project, Antea Group worked with financial institutions, Government & quasi-government agencies.  The scope of work involved development, construction of the expressway, Operation & Maintenance on annuity basis (Build, Operate, Transfer). The scope also included widening of existing bridges and culverts.  The new carriageway also involved the plan, design and construction of new bridges. 

The Solution

The challenge was to convert an existing 2-lane highway into a four-lane expressway in the terrain that is hilly and dense. The region also receives the highest rainfall and part of the highway is among the wettest regions in the country. This called for slope stabilisation and soil erosion solutions.

the tsolution involved Expressway plan and construction, Toll facilities solutions, heavy vehicle bays, service lanes, rest areas, fuel service facilities, lighting systems, communication systems, traffic management solutions, landscaping, arboriculture and all other related project facilities. The expressway runs a total length of 68 kms from Jorabat in Shillong, Assam into the state of Meghalaya.


Considering the region is an ecologically sensitive area with very heavy rainfall during the monsoon and the varying terrain conditions from hills, valleys and dense forests, Antea Group also provided solutions for water conservation and slope stabilisation. The expressway corridor was hedged with vetiver grass to conserve the soil even in the monsoon season. This grass is not native to the region and was implanted for slope stabilisation.

The Result

68 KMS of a 4-lane expressway linking the N.E state of Assam to the hilly terrains of Meghalaya brought about economic development to the region.

Antea Group is proud to be associated with this project that contributes to the economic development of the remote N.E regions of India. The overall impact of this national project brings economic development to the region, by connecting  the North Eastern part with Guwahati mainstream commercial town.

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