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Urban regeneration & water transport system in Kochi
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Integrated urban Regeneration & Water Transport System (IURWTS) Project in Kochi, Kerala, India

Kochi the port city in Kerala is a land of canals and backwaters. Antea Group was engaged to develop the Kochi urban area  for inland navigation, thereby providing with last mile connectivity and to promote tourism and recreation.

Kochi URWT system

The Assignment

The project is envisioned to renew & rejuvenate 5 major canals of 34 km in Kochi, the state of Kerala, India. The idea is to develop the urban area  for inland navigation, thereby providing with last mile connectivity and to promote tourism and recreation.

Kochi is a land of canals and backwaters and it was required to reclaim the canal edge as public asset, improve its spatial structure & restore the city’s relationship with the canals. Regeneration of the urban area in and around the canals, mainly aims to develop thematic areas for each canal. Developing core areas made them more productive by shifting non-conforming uses to the peripheral areas and renovating the core areas. The project also envisaged-

  • rehabilitation of the slum dwellers
  • establish sewer network with treatment facilities to tackle the problem of direct discharge of sewer into the canals adoption of solid waste management
  • use government and selected private lands for development of jetties / terminals in the vicinity of the canals
  • develop selected stretches adjoining canals as tourism destinations with controlled walkways, parks, eco island, wellness centres, mini India, corporate centre, etc

The project comprises of three phases:

  1. Planning, survey, concept design of canal sections and tendering
  2. Detail Design
  3. Construction Supervision


  • Restoration/ rejuvenation of 34 km of city canals for water transport and construction of 56 road bridges / cross structures, 46 foot bridges (steel), approach roads to bridges and Jetties for last mile connectivity with rail metro and water metro in Kochi city
  • Construction of 30 jetties/terminal buildings, design of SPV building, design of boats, navigation aids and signages
  • Development of canal fronts with land scaping and beautification for recreation, tourism and commercial activities
  • Urban regeneration by establishing 131 km sewerage network with 32 MLD of waste water treatment plant and adoption of solid waste management
  • Hydrologic, hydraulic modelling and Flood inundation studies of urban catchment of 42 sq km and identification and design of 65 storm water sub-drains of 37 km joining canals
  • Establishment of Corporate Centre, Wellness Centre, Eco Island and Mini India to promote tourism and commercial activities for additional revenues
  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Study, Land acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation


Last mile connectivity

Improved water transport with reduced travel time and integration with rail metro and water metro for last mile connectivity

Positive environmental impact on the city's natural canals

Improved environment and living conditions surrounding canals

Tourism & commerce

Enhanced activities for tourism, recreation, leisure and commercial with focus on revenue regeneration

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